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Employment Period Information


The Advisory, Regulatory and Administrative functions of the Apprenticeship, Employment and Labour Division (AELM) call for the division to:

  • Formulation of employment policies and guidelines, to align with newly emerging issues in the labour market.
  • Consult with stakeholders on training needs, employment creation and sharing of Labour Market Information (Advisory)
  • Enforce legal obligations of employers concerning employment records of workers and the submission of periodic employment information within the timeframe (Regulatory)
  • To update database of Labour market information through periodic surveys and collection of labour information from other sources, disseminate information on employment and Labour market
  • Promote and increase awareness of stakeholders, users of labour market information and the public in relation to core functions plus legal obligations of the division (Administrative)
To this end, the Division carries out periodical surveys to ensure that the above functions are fulfilled, namely the Employment Periodic Information - which is the collection of employment information from employers on half year basis.

The Labour Market Survey covers all registered employers and new establishments and this has been carried out bi-annually



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 Report: Labour Market Survey 2013

File details:
Name: 2013 Survey of Private Sector Employers.pdf
Size: 1.5MB


 Report: Labour Market Survey 2010

File details:
Name: 2010 Survey of Private Sector Employers.pdf
Size: 759KB


 Report: Labour Market Survey 2007

File details:
Name: 2007 Survey of Private Sector Employers.pdf
Size: 102KB



Should you require further information concerning the Half-Yearly Returns of the Labour Market Survey, please contact:

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Updated: 16 June 2008