Vaega o Fefaatauaiga Talafeagai

Welcome to FTCD. Our Division provides advice to traders, consumers and the general public on their rights and obligations in terms of fair trade and consumer protection. We are also the Secretariat for the Prices Board and the Samoa National Codex Committee (SNCC). more

Codex Alimentarius, meaning 'Food Code', has been developed to facilitate fair trade in food. These international standards are designed to provide protection to consumers health. The main objective of the Samoa National Codex Committee (SNCC) is to ensure that the food Samoa produces, exports and imports, is safe and suitable for all consumers. Find out more

CONSUMER RIGHTS / Aia Tatau Tagata Faatau & Faaaoga Oloa
Consumer Rights are design to protect the interests of consumers, as well as helping consumers make correct choices in the market place. The Fair Trading & Codex Development Division is responsible for providing policy and advice on matters concerning Consumer Rights and Fair Trading. Find out more

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES / Tiute o Faioloa i Fua Faatatau o Oloa
This section is aimed at local traders and shopkeepers, advising them of their duties and responsibilities to ensure the correct weight and measurement of their goods. This section is available in Samoan only. Text Find out more

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Public Notice - Daylight Savings Starts 2014.

The Daylight Saving Act 2009.
View the Act here

Due to Daylight Saving Time, assistance was sought from the Tower Clock Services Australia to repair the Apia Tower Clock ...
>> Refer Report here ...

Training in Weights and Measures ... full story in the Weights and Measures page

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