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Government Assistance Schemes

Government assistance schemes have been created to assist and encourage businesses and industries in the production, export, manufacturing and tourism industries. The main purpose of these schemes is to alleviate duty on certain materials otherwise applicable upon importation. This enables most of the burden of material import costs to be removed, resulting in cheaper and more competitive production costs. This, in essence, helps you with your investment.

The Division administers 3 such assistance schemes. Potential investors, and existing businesses or industries, wishing to apply for assistance through these schemes should contact the Industry Development & Investment Promotion Division.

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 Code 121  Duty Concession Scheme (DCS)  Private Sector Support Facility (PSSF)


The provision of the information contained in this document serves to further enhance the enabling environment that the Government and its Development Partners are promoting. It has been made available through collaboration with Government Ministries and Corporations, local, regional and international organizations upon direct request. Some donor programs that target community based and non-government organization groups have also been included in the scope of this Directory given income generating and employment creation activities.



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CODE 121

This scheme is one of the Government's assitance program to further develop domestic business including; Commercial Poultry Farmers, Commercial Manufacturers of Agricultural Products, Commercial Handicraft Manufacturers and Commercial Elei Garment Manufacturers to effectively manufacture quality competitive products for both the domestic and international markets. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour (MCIL) in collaboration with the Ministry of Revenue is the executing agency for this Scheme.


 Code 121

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This Scheme is aimed to assist exporters within the Manufacturing Industry as well as property developers (hotels, motels and beach resorts) within the Tourism Industry. Its purpose is to assist through importation of materials on a duty free basis.

For full details concerning this scheme, please view or download the Guidelines.
The Application format and Table are also available to view or download.


 DCS Guidelines

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This fund combines previous allocated type funding schemes supporting Samoa's private sector.
Past schemes included the Tourism Support Fund (TSF) and the Private Sector Support Allocation (PSSA).

 PSSF Category A Application Form

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 PSSF Category B Application Form

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 PSSF Category C Application Form

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 PSSF Public Advertisement

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Updated: 16 June 2008