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Samoa launched its first Trade, Commerce and Manufacturing (TCM) Sector Plan in 2012-2016.

The two main government ministries entrusted with the implementation of the sector plan are the:

TCM main Roles & Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and manage the implementation of the TCM Sector Plan
  • Serves as secretariat to the TCM Steering Committee
  • Consult closely with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on trade related issues
  • Coordinate consultations with Key Stakeholders

Sector Vision:

Maximise the gains from domestic and foreign trade and enhance productivity, income generation opportunities and equitable sustainable livelihoods for all Samoans.

Sector Theme:

Productivity, value adding, competitiveness, income generation and fair trade

The TCM Sector Plan was originally designed to achieve 6 key sector policy objectives, which aims to increase productivity, value adding and competitiveness of products, to promote fair trading and generate opportunities to earn income.

The “pillar approach” to implementing the plan likens the TCM sector plan to that of Samoan house. (fale).

The foundation of the fale is Legal and Regulatory planning and policy framework.  The ceiling and roof top refers to the sector vision and the national development strategy held up by the four pillars of development areas in the plan. Four task teams have been selected to steer and coordinate the activities under each pillar. The teams are headed by the relevant Implementing Government ministries (MCIL and MFAT) and the private sector.


Tier 1   Tier 2
Medium Term Expenditure Framework 2014   Samoa Bureau of Statistics: Business Activity Survey (BAS) launched in Nov 2015
Value Chain Analysis workshop   Women in Business Development Incorporated – Warehouse project
ILO Conventions ratification consultants   Procurement of 3 vehicles for:
  • Samoa Trust Estates Corporation (STEC)
  • Women in Business Development Incorporated (WIBDI)
  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour (MCIL)
Legal Metrology Bill   Trade and marketing Officer for the private sector: Samoa Chamber of Commerce (SCoC)
Competition Law  

Clearance and replacing work of the coconut and cocoa at STEC

Cost Benefit Analysis of Coconut for virgin coconut oil and flour

Citizenship Bill   Mid-term review for MCIL corporate plan
Review of the National Tariffs Structure   Review of DTIS 2010
National export strategy review   Centralized Statistics Database for MCIL
Assistance to SIDS trade activities   WIBDI Warehouse construction
Assistance to the ‘Buy Samoa Made’ project (Display setup)   Export Development Scheme
ISO certification program (Phase 3 and 4)   Enhance the capacity of Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS): Research and development for value addition
PACER Plus negotiations    
Fare Trade in Pago Pago (Am Samoa)    
National Employment Policy (NEP)    
Product Development (WIBDI, SAME, SROS)    
Turkey tail Feasibility Study    
Develop legislation on Food safety standard, HACCP and ISO Training    
2 Samoa Talks    
Tahitian Lime (Samoa Farmers Association)    

 The TCM Coordination and Governance Structure