Va feiloa'i faalefaigaluega; saogalemu ma le soifua maloloina

The Industrial Relations, Occupational Safety & Health and Work Permits Division advises government on policy matters relating to industrial relations in general; occupational safety and health in particular; and requirements of the Shops Ordinance 1961. We advise employers and workers on their rights, obligations, and Occupational Safety and Health. Our other important role is providing recommendations to Immigration for issuance or non-approval of work permits. more


INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS / Va Fealoa'i Faalegaluega
Industrial Relations laws are implemented to ensure both employers and workers are afforded certain rights, as well as requiring both parties to fulfill certain obligations. This section describes these rights and obligations, as well as other information concerning Industrial Relations in Samoa. Find out more

OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH / Saogalemu ma le Soifua Maloloina Galuega
Occupation Safety & Health aims to provide employees with the highest standards of safety, health and wellbeing in their places of employment. It also provides members of the public impacted by the workplace environment. Find out more

WORK PERMITS / Pemita Faigaluega
This division is responsible for the evaluation and recommendation of Work Permit applications. Find out here what the requirements, exemptions, business process, and information is required in order to apply for a Work Permit in Samoa, either as an employee or as a foreign investor. Find out more

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