APPLICATION FORM & REPORT REQUIREMENTS FORM: Government Of Samoa COVID19 Assistance for the Private Sector.


Application Form

PDF document | 2 pages |600 KB

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Please submit all applications to or drop off your applications to MCIL Office, Level 4, ACC House for Upolu Applicants or to MCIL Office, Salelologa Market for our Savaii Applicants.

All applications are due by Thursday 13th May 2022.

Eligibility Criteria

1.Only Sole Traders, Partnerships and Companies are eligible

Sole Traders and Partnerships: $1,500 per business license.

All sole traders and partnerships who have more than 4 business license/activities, only 4 will be considered for grant disbursement.

Companies: $1,800 per business license. All companies who have more than 5 business license/activities, only 5 will be considered for grant disbursement)

2. Must be registered and fully operation pre-COVID and still in operation to the year 2021

i.e., registered from the year 2020 (or pre 2020) and is still operational/existent up to the year 2021.

3. MUST provide copy of Business License for year 2020 and 2021

(Please refer to the Ministry of Customs & Revenue (MCR) to obtain a copy of your Business License should it be misplaced or damaged)


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