The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour was officially established on the 1st July 2003 under the Ministerial and Departmental Arrangements Act 2003.  The Act incorporates the former Department of Labour and the Commerce and Industry divisions from the former Department of Trade, Commerce and Industry and the Registries of Companies and Intellectual Properties from the former Department of Justices.

MCIL takes the lead in Government Key Priority 1: Economic Key Outcome 3: Export Products Increased and Key Outcome 5: Participation of Private Sector Development Enhanced of the Strategy for the Development of Samoa 2016-2017-2019/2020.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour has a variety of mandated roles and responsibilities set out in more than 30 pieces of legislation:

  • Promote industry development, foreign investment and guarantees the rights of citizens to participate in the economy of Samoa
  • Set standards to regulate fair competitive practices to promote a level playing field in all trades
  • Administers the Apprenticeship Scheme, Employment Services, conducting labour market surveys and collection of Labour Market information
  • Promote and enforce labour and employment relations, foreign employee employment and occupational safety and health standards
  • Administers the Recognized Seasonal Employment program as well as the Labour and Employment Export Programs
  • Manage and enforce the statutory obligations of the registries of companies and other legal entities and protect the rights of Intellectual Property holders

Our Vision

MCIL’s vision is to become a leader in promoting an enabling environment for diverse business innovation and employment in Samoa.

Our Mission

We aim to foster economic growth and prosperity in Samoa by promoting public private partnership, and ensuring a fair trading platform for businesses and consumers.

Our Long Term Outcome

Enhanced investment resulting in increased employment, incomes and equitable distribution of the benefits leading towards poverty eradication
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