Foreign Investment Registration

Application for a Foreign Investment Certificate

The Industry Development and Investment Promotion Division is responsible for the issuing of Foreign Investment Certificates (FIC) which every foreign investor must have. A completed Foreign Investment Registration form must be submitted to the Ministry, which requires the approval of the Chief Executive Officer. A foreign investor must not pursue a business activity classified in the Reserved List of the Foreign Investment Act (FIA) 2000 and must comply with the requirements of a business activity under the Restricted List of the FIA 2000.

All registered Foreign Investment Enterprises (FIE) are required to renew their FICs annually in accordance with Section 8B of the FIA by submitting annual status reports and completing the renewal and amendment form.


The following fees apply to Foreign Investment Certificates:

  • SAT$50.00 fee for lodgement of a FIC;
  • SAT$50.00 fee for issuance of a FIC;
  • SAT$50.00 fee for Renewal of a FIC;
  • SAT$5.00 fee for photocopy of the Foreign Investment Certificate;
  • SAT$50.00 fee for inspection of a Foreign Investment register; and
  • SAT$70.00 fee for amended Foreign Investment Certificate
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