Investment Promotion

Samoa is committed to creating an attractive investment climate for both local and foreign investors. The country has displayed great economic stability over the years with low labour costs, favourable exchange rate and a strong focus on private sector development.

For more information about the investment environment of Samoa, investors are encouraged to peruse through the following documents.

Samoa Investment Guide 2024 (SIG)

Samoa National Investment Policy Statement 2024 (NIPS)

For business registration – Visit

Citizenship Investment Program


Citizenship by Investment is the granting of citizenship status to an individual (and immediate family members) contingent upon a specified and quantifiable investment in Samoa. This scheme is administered by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour under the provisions of the Citizenship Investment Act 2015 and its Regulations 2016.


  1. Convenience – a second passport may afford visa-free travel to jurisdictions not available to country of birth.
  2. Tax Planning– several countries levy income tax on non-resident citizens.
  3. Personal Security– citizenship and a passport from a small, peaceful country is considered by some as protection when travelling, especially in times of political unrest, civil war, terrorism and other situations.
  4. Investment in the future– acquiring a 2nd citizenship may be considered an investment for the future.

General Requirements

In order for an investor to be considered eligible for Citizenship by Investment, the investor must satisfy the following criteria;

  1. The investor must intend to invest in any of the following qualifying investment areas;
  2. The investor must invest a minimum amount of SAT$4m;
  3. The investor must have a minimum net worth of SAT$2.5m
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