Occupational Safety and Health

Occupation Safety & Health promote and educate employers and employees on standards and requirements of safety, and health in their work place. The OSH team undertake regular inspections to ensure compliance. We advise employers of their obligations, workers on their rights, whole of government on preventative measures to reduce potential work place accidents and illnesses, and responsible for the assessment and issuance of employment permits.

We also undertake investigation on Accident Reported by employer, employee and referral cases from ACC. These investigation processes are mostly taking place at workplaces (place of accident) in order to get a full details of accidents in assisting victims and witnesses persons in a right safety and healthy operational guidelines.

We give relevant advisory on preventative measures, safety & health guidelines as per mandated under OSH Act 2002, OSH Regulations 2017, by initiating and facilitating Awareness Programme for employers Upolu and Savaii. We also hosting OSH Task force meeting, this is an opportunity with OSH team and OSH Reps from employer and employees side to meet and discuss issues bringing up from their perspective representatives.

The Ministry is responsible for the coordination of International Labour Standards Reports submitted to Geneva on an annual basis.

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